Boleyn Gate font

A new contemporary font family born from the letters that once adorned the Boleyn Ground gates is entirely unique to West Ham United. The typeface is part of a holistic approach to re-imagining a visual brand identity. Adapting those letters into a unique contemporary style and retaining the original typeface’s nuance and character.

West Ham United’s literature, stadia signage and culture inform and influence the new font family’s style. A significant font in the fifties and sixties that once adorned the Boleyn Ground gates is entirely unique to West Ham, displaying WEST HAM UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB; these letters were hand-cut from metal, a little rough around the edges but skilfully made to welcome fans through the gates and into the stadium.

Aligning with the club's personality traits, rough around the edges, self-deprecating, hard-working with a hint of flair and passion. The Boleyn Font Family has a story deeply rooted in a cast iron history. 

The team wears the Boleyn Gate font on their backs. Displaying their names and numbers in cup competitions. The numbers are a unique condensed font version with added air slits and hammers and comply with UEFA's strict guidelines.

Boleyn Gate Iron Serif is used exclusively for historical materials.
For the 2023/24 season, a new Bold Condensed weight has been added to the font family.