Windlight Identity

A brand identity for Windlight Pictures, a Munich-based production company headed by Managing Director and Executive Producer Moritz Polter, part of the ITV Studios Group.



For this identity, we set out to create a logo that represented both wind and light. After exploring numerous typefaces, we built a custom font representing both elements. The custom font features gentle curves at the top of the stems to represent wind, and the shadows inside the arches represent light.

Windlight Pictures brings together exceptional talent behind and in front of the camera to create exciting, thought-provoking, entertaining and fresh programmes.

Our clean and simple branding revolves around the custom typeface called Windlight (naturally) and a circular icon of W's that spins to represent a windmill.

  • TYPE_Post_Windlight_&
  • TYPE_Post_Windlight_Eszett
  • TYPE_Post_Windlight_numbers
  • TYPE_Post_Windlight_21A
  • TYPE_Post_Windlight_UC
  • TYPE_Post_Windlight_LC